Who We Are & What We Do?

Our clients are largely Sophisticated Investors, Professionals and Family Offices.

All of whom have chosen to build a unique partnership with Cadre Capital Partners, through a relationship of mutual trust.


About Cadre Capital

Through our Wealth Advisory services and unique Strategic Advice, we work hard on behalf of our clients, with a mantra to ‘Secure Your Future’.

With over 100 years of combined Financial Services experience, our depth of knowledge and client centric approach allows us to identify and achieve our clients’ ambitious goals. 

We believe that securing our clients financial future takes a team effort, so we work in unison with our clients to achieve their goals. 

We are primarily a technology driven company and use proprietary systems in our approach to Wealth Advisory. 

In doing so, we can identify what is most important to our clients and their families.

Financial Planning Process

What You Can Expect


The First Interview

The first step allows you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. Issues that are concerning you are discussed and we will outline the services we can provide to address these concerns. We present you with a Welcome Kit which includes our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Client Financial Planning Questionnaire.


Collect Information

The Value of any financial plan depends on the quality and accuracy of the information upon which the plan is based. Make sure you give us up to date information.


Set Goals & Objectives

The next step is to prepare short, medium and long-term objectives. A second meeting will normally be required to discuss and clarify any issues in more depth.

 It is at this point that, together we will establish precisely what you want from us and reach agreement on the Terms of Engagement – the written contract relating to our services. Your approval of the terms and cost of engagement is required before we proceed to the next step


Formulate Strategy

The strategy is developed to achieve the objectives that are set.

We will recommend a strategy or combination of strategies devised to achieve your goals within the agreed risk and time framework. Your financial planner will then present a written report (known as the Statement of Advice (SOA)) to you. The written report will include appropriate products and services tailored to your circumstances.


Select Appropriate
Products & Services

Review and revise the plan at regular intervals, or when circumstances change. Whatever suits your financial situation.


Implement Strategy

The plan is now ready to be implemented and all the necessary paperwork completed. Our implementation team will co-ordinate all documents and/or other requirements in to complete the implementation.


Portfolio Review Service

It is essential that your financial plan is reviewed and refined to ensure the plan stays on track and that your goals are achieved.

It is therefore essential you select Cadre Capital Partners Ongoing Review Service. The cost of this service will be quoted in your Advice document.

Our Services

Wealth Management

Plan to grow financially and enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Tax Effective Investment

Invest and benefit from smarter tax planning.

Debt Reduction

Feel financially free by having a plan in place to reduce your debts.

Self Managed
Super Funds

Ensure you stay on top of strategies and get advice for management of your SMSF.


Ensure you and your family have a financial security in place for unfortunate events.

Retirement Planning

Take control of your future now so you can retire on your own terms.

Our outcomes are ambitious and consequential, a result of hard work, transparency and radical truth.
If you partner with us, this is what you desire and value.

Our Ambition

Pay It Forward

Cadre Capital Partners takes great pleasure in helping others and seeing them progress. We aim to positively impact as many people as possible with an eye to pass on that passion to all within the community. In an ideal world we would help multiple people daily who would “be impacted” and thus compelled to also help multiple people. Thus we reach beyond our immediate community

Give Back To Our Community

Cadre Capital Partners and our team is in a fortunate position as our deep knowledge, and our unique experience allow us to positively impact our client’s lives. You are also welcomed to discuss the “mental mode” adopted by our family-oriented office that ultimately allows them to create and grow multi-generational wealth.

Secure Your Future

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Help us better understand
your highest priorities

Help us better understand your highest priorities

Creating Exceptional Outcomes:

Cadre Capital is a community of ambitious people who are driven to achieve excellence in their work and their relationships through radical trust and transparency. Our entire culture and way of being is centred around creating exceptional outcomes. We assist you to leverage your network, experience, ideas and buying power, facilitated and encouraged by like minded colleagues. Harnessing our collective buying power, Cadre Capital can deliver cost effective, quality, implementable solutions of the highest standard to Family Offices, Charitable Foundations, Wholesale and Sophisticated Individuals.

Constant Evolution:

We work within a meritocracy that grants opportunities and rewards initiative, ability and self-management. We welcome and work with people who are open, honest, trustworthy, logical and view the discovery of faults and weaknesses as a way to innovate and improve, consistently delivering improved outcomes. Our community has interests beyond the work environment allowing individuals to express their unique abilities, charity and creativity. We enjoy cultivating wisdom and experience and are an evolving record of our understanding and belief in what works well.

Why Cadre Capital:

We use the analysis which was discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto and is a technique used for business decision making based on the ‘80/20’ rule. It separates a limited number of input factors as having the greatest impact on an outcome. We deliver strategic and investment solutions based on the Pareto principal in a number of ways. Here are two obvious areas:
  1. 80% of the results: We will continually review institutional strategies and investments and hand select those that offer the highest risk adjusted return.
  2. 20% of the effort: We will assist with all compliance and point of sales material to ensure you can readily implement investment solutions efficiently.

Think win/win:

As a service based company, we place client interests first and work diligently to deliver on our ambition. We welcome open discussions and value meaningful relationships. We encourage both our clients and colleagues to stress test our logic and intent. We like to understand how things work and where they fit into our desired outcomes with the objective always that it is a win/win for everyone involved.

The Team

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Gabriel Carey

CEO & Founder

Gabriel moved into the Financial Services industry to help others, believing he can make a meaningful, positive difference to his community. His wealth advisory role allows him to draw on his passion for self‐improvement and utilise his personal experience and technical skills to assist his clients.

During your first meeting you will notice that he is interested in more than your financial situation. He believes Wealth Advisory should focus on identification and achievement of your personal ‘Why’. Whilst circumstances and situations may change, the inner desires, principles, values and aspirations rarely do. Assisting to identify and achieve his client’s aspirations are what drives Gabriel. 

Having originally started his career as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force, his leadership, and success in international active service missions, led to a rapid rise through the Officer ranks. He had achieved his military goals by his late 20’s and was ‘seeking more out of life’. He was concurrently offering financial advice in his spare time and, in 2001, after receiving the award as the top national graduate of Investment Fundamentals for his Diploma of Financial Planning, he formally moved into the Financial Services industry. He initially worked with financial products, in the Funds Management industry, where he was awarded the ‘Business Development Manager of the Year’ in 2003 and was soon approached by Macquarie Funds Group (MFG) to establish their Melbourne office. He successfully established MFG’s Melbourne presence and, following the GFC, Gabriel realised he would prefer to establish his own business. This led to the establishment of GC Financial Pty Ltd and more recently Cadre Capital Partners Pty Ltd, his independently owned businesses.  This enabled him to service clients with an agnostic and broader product list. 

Approaching a financial adviser can seem intimidating at first, however Gabriel focuses on ensuring his clients have a positive experience. He is committed to being part of the journey with his clients, providing them the highest quality of service. Gabriel prides himself on his technical knowledge but has a firm belief that Financial Advice should be easily understood. His clients appreciate his ability to solve complex problems with easy-to-understand solutions. By exploring your current situation and assisting you in discovering what is important to you, he will help to articulate your short, medium, and long-term goals.  These become the foundation of his advice.  

Gabriel loves cycling, enjoys cooking healthy meals and spending time with his young family. He holds a Master of Business from the Australian Graduate School of Management, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and Diploma of Leadership and Management from his time as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. With a passion for self‐development, public speaking and leadership, Gabriel is well positioned to guide you personally, as he helps you achieve your financial goals.

Gabriel Carey is Authorised Representative No. 1239224 of Interprac Financial Planning Pty Ltd (AFSL: 246638)

Man Tran

Senior Financial Advisor & Operations Manager

Man Tran believes the advice he provides should focus on creating happiness in his clients lives through financial planning.

In 2006, fresh out of university, he started working as a para-planner.  With a passion for advice, before then end of 2006, he became an authorised representative and started advising clients on how to change their lives for the better, through well considered financial planning.  

Over his career he realised that financial products offer many vehicles for achieving life goals.

The most important aspect in his clients financial planning, is the underlying strategy that ultimately drives towards success.  He has excelled in providing strategic thinking and thereby solutions, making a difference today, for a better tomorrow for each client.

Approaching a financial adviser can seem daunting at first.  Man ensures that his clients have a positive experience, by being approachable and taking clients on a carefully planned journey.  He approaches complex problems and breaks them down into an easy to manage set of steps that guide the client on a journey to an achievable solution.

His experience across financial planning has made him aware of the best practices to manage workflows and ensure compliance.  Change can be difficult and can take time, in an ever-evolving financial planning landscape, he strives to create business processes that ensure providing advice is done efficiently.  He is skilled at mapping and implementing new to business processes, workflows, and tools to combine the financial planning process into one harmonious engine that works for each client.

Man holds a Bachelor of Business in E-Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, and further accreditations in advice to SMSFs, Geared Investments and Margin Lending.  Man values education and the continual need for self-improvement enabling him to deliver better results for each client.

Man enjoys soccer and futsal, hiking in country Victoria and you may also run in to him jogging in one of the parks, in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Cadre Investment Committee

Ben McMahon

Director at Ikigai Solutions

Chris McMahon

CEO & Founder

Brian Nash

Director at Merlea Investments

David Wylie

Co-Head & Wholesale Broker

Hi Gabriel, I just wanted to send you a message of how well R and I are as we are about to end our second month of retirement. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your support as I now have the opportunity to spend some time with my wife and enjoy some of life's pleasures because of your efforts. I had a call from one of the other investors, his name was J wanting to tell me about how he saw how hard you worked on my behalf and how fabulous you are. I told him how amazing and caring you are and how I felt like it was my son helping out his father. I must admit how fortunate we have been that you have come into our lives and I promise you I will enjoy and live my life to the fullest...I hope that will give you some sort of satisfaction when you reflect on how much work you have done and your patience you have showed us when R and I dawdled in making a decision in going with you...thank you so much my friend, forever in your debt... Read More

R.C. June 2021

Thanks to Gabriel my wife and I are moving confidently into the next stage of our lives. Gabriel’s advice and guidance has assured us of a comfortable retirement. He and his team are always available, and they always go over and above what is expected of them. We are a part of a family. We are so fortunate to be part of the Cadre Capital Partners family. Read More

B.C. 22 September 2021

Gabriel is focussed on client service, very knowledgeable and proactive. He and his team are a pleasure to work with.

K.B. 22 September 2021

Hi Gabe, Can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance on our affairs. It gives me so much confidence and positivity about the future and a sense of security that was rocked to the core last year. I came away inspired and energised by the meeting today and just wanted to say thank you. I am not sure you understand how much value you are adding to people’s lives but thought it would be good to tell you on a Monday to set you off for a good week – especially given you were not well last week! Hopefully, we can get out of lockdown soon so we can have that glass of wine. Thanks again and hope you have a productive and good week. I am a bit in awe of your jedi skills but happy that they are on our side as a force for good. Know that your objective is working and that you are paying it forward. Read More

L.S” 11 October 2021

Thank you very much. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

B.F 27 September 2021

Thank you so much for what you have done for our family today. I am glad that you offered the Macquarie solution to our problems. Getting mum down to a bank, is a big logistic operation and would’ve been unsettling for her. Thank you for all the work you have done on this. Read More

S.D 8 July 2021

Thanks for all you help.

A.B. 20 June 2021

Funds arrived late yesterday. Thank you for all your hard work.

M.M. 14 May 2021

Thanks for the efficient service.

B.M. 6 April 2021

Manny was very helpful and made me feel at ease, very informative, thank you so much.

L.C. 24 May 2022

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